World's first
5D printer

prints spare parts
for industrial
This printer saved $ 61500 annually
for the steel company
5D prints details
that a 3D printer can't...
from the online library
5-axis printing allows the part to be tilted and rotated while printing,
which opens up a number of key advantages

The advantages of 5D printing

Carbon fiber reinforcement

Printing of membranes

Printing without supports

300% higher durability

Pump impeller
Calpeda CT61/A

Printing in 5D
without supports

Origin: $87
5DTech: $1
acid pump

Printing in 5D
without supports

Origin: $520
5DTech: $25
Pump diaphragm
Dellmeco DM 15/55 PTS-DM1

Printing in 5D
without supports

Origin: $248
5DTech: $6
Screw for feed

Printing in 5D
without supports

5DTech: $5
Polyurethane roller
on a tab bearing

Printing in 5D to obtain a monolithic surface

Origin: $10
5DTech: $3
belt roller

5D printing for increased durability

Origin: $23
5DTech: $5
5D printer prints industrial-class parts
Record: $ 61,500 per year
saved at a metallurgical plant due to the implementation of 5D printing.
Take advantage of a shared digital parts library or add to a private corporate catalog of solutions.
Send a collection of parts for your facility
or re-engineer your parts
Digital library
5D printer models and features
All Stereotech printers are designed and manufactured in Russia.
Whichever printer you choose, you get 5-axis printing support and a standard 3D printing table included.
· Works in 3D and 5D
· Have a 310°C dual extruder
· Enclosed print cabinet
· Print size:
— 5D mode: 300×300×230 mm
— 3D mode: 300×300×300 mm
· 3D/5D auto-calibration
· 5" AMOLED MultiTouch Screen
· WiFi, USB, Ethernet connection
· Autonomous operation without computer

Stereotech Hybrid 530

Two extruders: for printing with two types of materials.

$ 12,200

Stereotech Fiber 530

Extruder for plastic printing and for applying continuous carbon fiber.

$ 17,000₽
A special offer for manufacturing companies
has been developed!
2-in-1 printer
Standard table included and you can always choose how to print:
in traditional 3D or in the more progressive 5D mode.
Web camera
in the print area
in 3D/5D modes
Color 5“
AMOLED display
Control the printing process remotely.
The filament sensor monitors filament inflow and pauses operation if there are any problems.
Automatic calibration both in 3D and in 5D mode.
Choose your preferred connection: WiFi, Ethernet or USB.
Built-in power failure protection keeps the job running.
You can print without connecting to a computer.
For easy, intuitive print management and offline job startup.
Printer software is continually updated to enhance your ability to print functional parts.
A special offer for manufacturing companies!
Feedback from customers across industries

Stereotech 5D printer reviews

We carefully collect feedback regarding the printed functional parts. We publish some cases that are not restricted by NDA terms here.
Join the company of cutting-edge businesses
who are already benefiting from 5D printers
Be sure in your decision
We perform production audits
You get
a test piece
the result
Our engineer will conduct a production audit (with NDA agreement) to determine the list of parts to be printed
Re-engineering of parts with CAD model creation and determination of materials for printing
We will test print the parts, hand them over for installation and trial operation
Fixing the economic effect from the introduction of additive technologies at production facilities
Ensure the effectiveness of technology on parts for your business...

Or you can take the advantages

of the special offer

Tsyolkovskogo str., 9a
Russia, Volgograd
Stereotech was born, invented and manufactures printers in Russia, in the city on the Volga - Volgograd. We are glad to see you and will be happy to give you a tour of our production facilities.
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